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Before it’s Too Late – Hollywood Short
Before it's Too Late - Hollywood Short

Blinded by major decisions, loved ones can often help to see. Academy Award Nominees Robert Loggia and Eric Roberts in the Short movie by Judith Jerome, who won two golden remis. Same award won by young Spielberg, Cohen Brothers, and George Lucas.
Produced by Roll Call Pictures and Diocles Productions
Genre: Family Movie, won 8 awards on […]

Komakid (AT Kick) genre: feature
Komakid (AT Kick)   genre: feature

Comakid a film about silenced souls which can be reflected in a break out of uncontrolled actions such as running amoc/k. It’s the story of a teenager who was bulldozed by life. With nowhere to go he froze his feelings. Only an accident can shake him up to look at himself and to learn to take care of himself.



As the anti-hero finds himself suspended in the deadlock labyrinth of koma that won’t release him, he’s forced to look deep into his soul. II. Screaming. While no one hears him — he screams until his voice is gone — inside a deafening jungle of prohibitions. It is then that the inner enemy becomes his […]

AT: Island of Individuals – Newborn Generation
AT: Island of Individuals - Newborn Generation

In 2089 a secret colony of pacifistic punk kids is forced to ward off the tyrannic global regime, when it threatens to shatter their utopian Island dreams. As conditions worsen, they soon realize that they are endangered species of humankind…
Independent Feature Film for young and old
(action / adventure / sci-fi)
Producers: Heide Fliegner, James Riley
Directors : Matze […]

Soon. Genre: feature/short
Soon. Genre: feature/short

SOON: an amazing shortfilm by Judith Jerome. A poetic essay about the circle of life and death, a philosophical statement. SOON won the Wilhelm-Löhe – Audience Award, was screened four times at the International Hofer Film Days: supported by FFF-Bayern and several sponsors. We are working on turning this short into a feature.

secret trees of inspiration. genre:feature-docu
secret trees of inspiration. genre:feature-docu

Ein aussergewöhnlicher Film, der Grundthemen unserer menschlichen Existenz auf ganz ungewöhnliche und eigene Weise thematisiert. Coming very soon.

CLINIC movie – for theatrical screenings
CLINIC movie - for theatrical screenings

written and produced for theatrical screenings
a very beautiful short film that finds a sensitive poetic way to advertise true authentic values

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