Komakid (AT Kick) genre: feature

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AT Kick  titel: Komakid

Producer: Heide Fliegner
Director : Judith Jerome
Director of Photography: Bobby Cayenne                                                                                                                                                     Script: Judith Jerome

Visual puzzle pieces of a skateboarder’s life.  The heaviness of a coma on his eyelids, he is forced to look at what his soul throws at him.  Screaming for love – screaming until the voice is lost –  and left over in the loud jungle of prohibitions – the inner enemy becomes his best friend.   Loss – crimes – hurt – getting high – anger – running amok.  What was left unspoken reappears in images, flashes.  He realizes that what seemed lost is just forgotten – that there is a way – that in all key situations of his life he did have a choice between good and bad.  How everything might have turned out if he had known how to take the right path.  Forgiveness.  Feeling loved and heard.  I can give it to myself.  I’m ready now.

COMA is a film about silenced souls which can be reflected in a break out of uncontrolled actions such as running amoc/k.  It’s the story of a teenager who was bulldozed by life.  With nowhere to go he froze his feelings.  Only an accident can shake him up to look at himself and to learn to take care of himself.

COMA reflects the numbness of us all.  How we walk through life, feeling paralyzed, exposed and left without a choice.  We give up and don’t care to distinguish between true and false anymore.  At some point we emotionally erupt and are uncontrollably controlled by the sum of numbed feelings.  This film wants to communicate understanding, forgiveness and hope.  COMA paves the way to a place where one is able to take one’s life in it’s own hands again and transcend one’s challenges.

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