Roll Call (in German: Anwesendheitspflicht) serves all visions and genres including commercials, independent features and documentaries.  We handle all kinds of budgets yet always produce the highest in quality.

We are flexible, wholehearted, authentic and work internationally in Europe, Asia and U.S.A. as a full service production company. Our services include developing concepts, scripts and workshops, establishing virals, producing spots for theaters (in German: Kinospots) as well as industry and image films.

Roll Call Pictures specializes in developing concepts and films for brands.  We create moving images which reflect the brand and the product.  We also help in forming a common starting point for different departments in planning a strategy for a brand by visually encaptulating all facets of a product in a film.

We have all the technical equipment in-house; including lights, camcorders, lenses, grip, a postproduction editing suite, a sound-design studio as well as a sound-studio and a color-grading suite.  We shoot high definiton and analog.

Roll Call Pictures works in a strong partnership with ARRI, Licht und Ton, Sachtler, Kamera Ludwig, Verinet GmbH, Sparks Filmtechnik.HEIDE FLIEGNER is film producer and  founder of rollcallproductions / rollcallpictures munich. Heide Fliegner runs the full service film production, founded in 2001, has produced  for  major  clients on the international market — europe, china, USA, more than 180 commercials, documetaries and independent features.Heide Fliegner, aka Judith Jerome, also continues to act frequently as a cinematographer/DP for high end projects and develops and writes scripts and concepts for commercials,  independent features, and documentaries. Heide Fliegner advises marketing strategies and and recently is building up international brands. She has also been an active instructor for  post-production, editing and producing at sachtler academy, and has taught film production and coached students and young talents at schools across Germany.She has won several prestigious awards, including the GOLDEN REMI, and established a high quality brand for all products of rollcallpictures and rollcallproductions.Heide Fliegner, aka Judith Jerome, is an award-winning filmmaker and director for international features, documentaries and short films, as well as commercials.Heide Fliegner, aka Judith Jerome, won for her US/Ger film “BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE”, written and produced by Steve Hartmann, rollcallpictures as co-  producer, three awards:  Heide Fliegner, aka Judith Jerome, won the Golden Remi Award in Houston, same Award won by Steven Spielberg, George Lucas,  Coen Brothers and David Lynch.Heide Fliegner, aka Judith Jerome, won for the movie BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE An Award of Merit and for the A-LIST STAR Robert Loggia, an Lifetime Achievement Award for his acting.Heide Fliegner, aka Judith Jerome, was Co -Producer, Director, the ART-Supervisor for the DP Department, finishing this movie as Main Editor in Munich, Bavaria.Heide Fliegner won the Bavarian Film Award for Youth with the documentary , directed by Maximilan Semsch “What a Trip.” Heide Fliegner, aka Judith Jerome, also won for a commercial for the biggest museum in Germany The Pinakotheken a Silver Award at the International Filmfest for Commercials Hamburg.Heide Fliegner, aka Judith Jeorome, has also won several other awards for shorts and commercials. Heide Fliegner /Judith Jerome’s films were screened at the international Hofer Filmtage and at other prestigious Film Festivals.Heide FLiegner wrote a Novel for Kids together with Prof Gunther Moll for her experimental CULT -FEATURE KOMAKID, which was invited by the UCLA for the Sneak Preview at James Bridge TheaterUCLA in Los Angeles. Heide Fliegner, aka Judith Jerome, currently works on US feature films for the international market and just received an excellent rating in four categories of five for her feature film script based on Heide Fliegner’s idea, “THE ROOM” from a Hollywood studio-coverage script doctor. She wrote this script together with Screenwriter and Creative Producer James Thomas Riley.Heide Fliegner, aka Judith Jerome, lives right now in LOS ANGELES, MALIBU, and has a post-production facility and studio in the desert close to PALM SPRINGS and is traveling between California, NYC, and munich to do her creative work for international clients and other high-end companies.Her first set experience was at Dreamworks Studios and on the James Cameron set of “Titanic” and from then on she knew this is her calling: “serving big visions, creating a good, intense message to express it with film art and international feature films to touch peoples’ hearts and create strong emotional impacts to make humans better understand who they are what they have in common as well as where to go on their path through life.”Heide Fliegner’s technical and artistic knowledge ranges from DP work to Editing, Sound Design, Directing, Screenwriting, and Voiceover skills. She is a high-quality, all-round Artist, and Technician in the field of digital film production.Heide Fliegner shot and learned still on analog at the HFF film school munich — the top film academy in Munich — and was able to transfer high quality analog Photography and Lighting to the Digital NEW AGE of Filmmaking.Heide Fliegner did teach and coach students at high schools in munich and Nürnberg in Filmmaking and has also given workshops at the Sachtler Academy in Munich, Germany for Post-Production, and worked as an acting coach and teacher for Creativity at the New Hollywood Film School together with Prof Silvia Kratzer.Prof Silvia Kratzer and Heide Fliegner are working as an effective and dynamic team to develop new film projects for both the European and the US market; their mission is to build bridges and set up new and innovative platforms for international filmmakers to connect their ideas, visions and concepts.

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